The Gospel

The only true way to true joy and contentment in life, is a relationship with God – PEACE with Him.

You may be thinking, if we are not at peace, are we at ‘war’ with him now?? Yes, SIN is that ‘war’. It separates man and God. It always has. Unless our sins are truly forgiven, we cannot have a living, fulfilling and loving relationship with our Creator God.

God is just, just the way he is holy. He is loving and kind. His holiness requires purity and His law requires the due penalty for sins. If a man were to wrong our dear one, wouldn’t we desire justice from God? Our nature seeks God to punish that guilty man. That same way, God’s law requires penalty for sin and according to the Bible, the wages of sin is death.

But God is a loving Creator at the same time. So unconditional and amazing is His love, that HE chose to pay the penalty for Our sins while we have still been sinners, by giving up His Son Lord Jesus Christ to die in Our stead on the cross!!!

Jesus not only died in our stead but conquered death rising to life on the third day. He overcame both sin and death. Jesus overcame the world – sin, trials and death itself.

God the Father exalted the name of Lord Jesus above every other name and gave Him ALL authority and decreed that whoever believes on Him and confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, i,e God indeed would be saved from hell – eternal damnation, receiving the forgiveness of every sin and the gift of eternal life – salvation. We become the sons and daughters of God, and can have the great blessing of having a living relationship with Him.

Dear friend, THIS is the good news for you. It’s everybody’s good news, regardless of who they are!

Please check out this link and read on. There’s a definite, unique purpose for your life and you can live it out!