This space is primarily for the purpose of sharing the message that God -Lord Jesus Christ is faithful.

Life is unpredictable, people cannot be reliable always, but God never changes – He is the same yesterday, today and will stay the same forever. He is faithful, trustworthy and 100% reliable.

Here at the site, my desire is to share this important message of hope and other insights from God’s word – the Bible.

God Bless!

Who I am:

Hello! I am glad you’re here. I’d like to introduce myself by my pen name – Esther.

I believe that sharing the encouraging message of God is more important than who I am.

But I will tell you about myself.

I’m a woman in my late twenties. I worked in the IT industry for about 4 years and now seek to contribute to God’s work directly, God willing, in whichever path He leads me. God has blessed me with a loving husband, wonderful parents and several near and dear ones in my life. He has also given me the privilege to receive the love and guidance of several godly men and women who have influenced me as a Christian.

Above all, I consider it my greatest privilege to just, be able to have the wonderful gift of salvation and a relationship with the creator of this entire universe – God HImself. Nothing can compare to this indescribable gift.

I’m forever in awe and amazed with who God is – how very unconditionally, tenderly loving, patient, faithful, constant and mindful he can be, while he is Just, holy, almighty and fearsome at the same time.

Of all these attributes, the faithfulness of God is one I can always fall back on and know in every season of my life, that everything will eventually be fine. Not because of whats happening, or because of anyone else, but because of who God is – Faithful!

Note: The content on this website is more relevant to those who have trusted Lord Jesus as God and their Saviour. Even if you haven’t done this yet, you are welcome to be our guest! Please look up this page